Thursday, June 14, 2007

MoH Kuwait losing 50 nurses every month due to low salaries

MOH Losing 50 Nurses Due to Low Salaries

Kuwait city, June 11

Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Support Services Department at the Ministry of Health Dr Yusuf Al Nisf said the Ministry of Health is losing 50 nurses per month due to low salaries and allowances.

In a press conference held Monday, Al Nisf said the proposed allowances and pay scale submitted by the Kuwait Nursing Association was forwarded to the Cabinet for approval. He added the Ministry aims to discourage the nurses from seeking other opportunities with the proposed increment amounting 100 to 400 KD which will granted to both Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaity nurses.

Indicating that only eight (8%) of the total nursing staff are Kuwaitis, he disclosed the Ministry formed a committee tasked to encourage national manpower into the sector. The committee will also study the proposed increment considering that last salary increase given to nurses was based on Civil Service Commission (CSS) decision number 6/2000 while the pharmaceutical and medical services employees received increments under decision number 7/2003.

The committee has forwarded a suggestion on the appointment of national manpower to various leadership posts in the nursing sector, increase their allowances and improve their work conditions.

Meanwhile KMA (Kuwait Medical Association) will do everything possible to ensure that doctors are paid sufficiently and they get promotions on time, say Vice Chairman of KMA Dr Ahmed Al Fadhli.

Speaking to Arab times, called that current pay scale and promotions offered in medical sectors 'unjust'. And indicated that academic qualifications and experience are not being considered a criteria payment in the current set-up

Arab times, 12 June 2007
By Salman Al Ghadouri

wah ... tanda-tanda gaji mau naik nihh,,, jangan resign dulu deh tanggung...
mungkin benar gosip si bedul kemarin,, Amien

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