Thursday, November 02, 2006


By : Indonesian National Nurses in Kuwait (INNA-K)

1. Background

Every year Indonesian community in Indonesia and in every country around the world celebrate Indonesian Health Day on 12th November. This year has been the 42nd anniversary, and this year the main topic is "To Achieve Indonesian Health for All Society".

Its clear that health is human right to the people, indeed health is important to the future and for the next generation. We commit to make health behavior is important to be a life style to improve awareness in society about preventive and promoted health, more important than curative and rehabilitative part. Upon the Indonesian Health 2010 vision which always emphasizes the important of health environment, health habit and life style, accessibility to good health care and equality in health service to all society.

Especially Indonesian communities in Kuwait are always reminding importance of The New Paradigm in health. That's why among 50.000 Indonesian who live in Kuwait, especially around 700 Indonesian nurses plan to do health activity to celebrate this anniversary.

In the mean time this is the 3rd times in Kuwait - Indonesian National Nurses Association in Kuwait (INNAK), joint with Indonesian Embassy and Indonesian Society included Blood Bank Kuwait planning to do some activity.

2. Goal

To increase health awareness in prevention and promotion of health life style :
  1. Increase care and attention Indonesian people who live in Kuwait to donor their blood to other people in Kuwait, by Kuwait Blood Bank
  2. By giving information and awareness about AIDS Information and Prevention Program by AIDS Seminar
  3. Improve Indonesian cooperation in Health in Kuwait Government and Kuwait Organisasition
  4. By training and workshop in informative health : "blog" part of health campaign through internet

3. Main activity

  1. Blood Donor from Indonesian Society in Kuwait
  2. AIDS Seminar : Prevention and information about the disease for a women
  3. Training and workshop Health's Blog/Weblog
  4. Sport Activity in Indonesian Embassy
  5. Health environment activity in Indonesian Embassy

4. Target number of participant

  1. Blood donor 150 people among Indonesian Society in Kuwait
  2. AIDS Seminar 150 people especially women
  3. Training and workshop Blog/Weblog : 100 people
  4. Sport activity : 50 people
  5. Health Environment : 100 people

5. Schedule and time

All activity will conduct at 29th November – 1st December 2006, in Indonesian Embassy in Kuwait, Kaifan, Kuwait

6. Organization of Plan

Chairman of Responsibility : Indonesian Ambassador in Kuwait
Chief of Activity : Siswanto M. Muhammad
Head of Project Officer : Aldy Purmalindra
Secretary : Tulus Gatot Widodo and Dudy Nurdiman
Finance : Nurlaley
Public Relation : Dwi Sugianto, Muhammad Aidil Fitri, Ridwan Jamaluddin, Wahidno, Tendy Rustandi
Blood Donor Activity : Kuwait Blood Bank, Batrial Ihsan, Syamsu Hidayat, Widyastuti,Budi Supriyanto, Maftuh
AIDS Seminar : Sifing Lestari, Rani, Afi Lutfianti, Elly Muhlihatin, Anggun Trisoko, Dudi Hidayat, Alfiera, Catri
Training and Workshop
Health Blog/Weblog : Nur Martono, Maruf Hadi, Hendar, Robiun, Sandy
Sport Activity : Raharjo, Bergi Fransiscus, Indra Juniarto, Endi Suradi, Iyang, Autri, Idham
Health Environment : Mustar, Hanafi Afrianto, Rini, Tanti, Mohd. Yusuf, Ali, Agus Suryadi

We looking for Kuwait Company to become our counterpart

1. Major sponsor (Type A)
Reward for company of sponsor :
• Big logogram and company name in the back side of t-shirt , the banner , the prize, stand counter in ceremony activity, Logogram in Indonesian Nurses Website and Indonesian Nurses booklet for 1 year

2. Medium Sponsor (Type B)
Reward for company of sponsor :
• Big logogram and company name in front side of t-shirt (medium size), the banner (medium size), prize , Logogram in Indonesian Nurses Website , Indonesian Nurses booklet for 6 month

3. Participant Minor Sponsor (Type C)

REMARKS : For Indonesian Citizen in Kuwait can able attend and participate all this activity, and please give this information to your friends

Thank you