Friday, November 24, 2006

If One Day was 24 Hour For Job and Productivity As Indonesian Nurses in Overseas

If One Day was 24 Hour For Job and Productivity as Foreign Nurses - For Indonesian Nurses in Overseas

As a nurse sometimes I wonder how hard this job to make accomplish for our customer satisfaction for patient and the doctor. Even those its more hard become foreign nurses, among some part of Indonesian nurses in overseas, which off course they do it because the money reason.

Now a day almost 5000 Indonesian nurses working in out of Indonesian after Indonesian economic crisis in 1998, and undervalue of Indonesia rupiah currency between U$ dollar. Many of them is still young and productive, still eager to get more accomplish in nursing career and continue their nursing education.

Sometimes its hard to believe you can work in overseas as nurses, because our nursing education still reluctant to prepare many nursing student in Indonesia to make ready working in overseas.

Meanwhile if you already worked in overseas such as Kuwait, you will miss some opportunity instead money. Let me explain to you, As we know as nurses we work at shift time : morning (7am – 2 pm), evening (2 pm – 10 pm) and night duty (10 pm – 7 am). But still not all of us will face job hour like that, especially if we working in daily at clinic (no night duty). "Time seen going long", but its trap you between money and opportunity, its hard to believe to choose it.

I try to count it even just only wonder how its came ?

Let says we worked at 8 hour per days, and at 6 days per week , so its mean 8 x 6 = 48 hour/weeks. Base on my title "If one day was 24 hour job" its mean actually we have job hour only for 2 days per week (of course not include time effective work). Its mean 2 days x 4 week = 8 days a month, and 8 x 12 = 96 days/years, WOW ,,,,,,,

For most of us as expatriate nurses here, we have 40 until 60 days per years for annual leave. So its mean total days effective was 96 days for worked and 40 days annual leave, so total 136 days/year. Its mean 356 days per years deducted 136 days equal 220 days lost time.

And you can imagine guys, almost 61.79% our time is hang out. And If you working as foreign nurses here such as 10 years, its mean you just working in 4 years effectively and plus annual leave, and remaining 6 years ? Allahu Kareem

That’s way as a Moslem in Quran Al Asr (Time) explain :
Surah 103 Al-'Asr (Time) Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem Wal 'Asr Innal insaana lafee khusr Illal ladhenna aamannu Wa 'amilus saalihaati wa tawaasau bilhaqq Wa tawaasau bis sabr

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Time is witness that, surely, mankind suffers loss, except for those of faith, Who do good, and become a model of truthful living, and together practice patience and constancy.

Indeed many of us try to active in nursing organize, learning about Moslem, living in Indonesian society, doing some business, etc, but still "Time is witness that, surely mankind suffer loss, except ……….."

That’s why we must have target, use our strength to brain exercise, keep manage your money and productivity between trap of them. Don’t ever things that you enjoy in here, and you must do something in spare time. Surely mankind suffer loss……

This is only for encourage you to joint our distance learning program with Nursing Faculty of University of Indonesia, to continue your education even now you're in overseas.
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