Friday, December 01, 2006

What Are You Doing in AIDS Days 1 December 2006 ; Obstacle Increasing Number HIV-AIDS Victims

What Are You Doing Today ?
1 December 2006 : Obstacle Increasing Number HIV-AIDS cases in Indonesia

Indonesia was alert against increasing number new cases HIV-AIDS among Indonesia population. In Indonesia until December 2006, there is fact that more increasing number HIV-AIDS cases almost 655 person in 3 month (July-September 2006).

Meanwhile one AIDS expert in Indonesia,Dr Syamsu Rizal, says : "I'm afraid that situation is very serious, especialy in the last three years. Increasing number of new HIV cases is very significant, especially coming from the IDU (iv drug user) group, whose always using narcotic, adictif drugs by injection iv together.
"We must do something about that. If not, I think the cases may be not different with Thailand or maybe also with Africa. When I see the new cases in the hospitals, now each day we get 40 to 50 cases admitted to hospital."

Actually we can manage and control HIV-AIDS population in Indonesia, just if government, MOH, NGO, Activist AIDS Prevention Programme, Public Figure (Indonesian Artist), Health professional worker, and Indonesian society was ALERT.

And we as nurses and common people must try to give information in AIDS Prevention Programme, especially to indonesian informal migrant workers in overseas. They become high risk to infected HIV-AIDS just because of lack of knowledge, and sometimes push by the reality in their job environment.

SO This day at least some of us , must be give health campaign in our society. So if each person know how HIV-AIDS "port d entre", maybe we can reduced the increasing number HIV-AIDS in Indonesia. This day celebration is to remind us that HIV-AIDS cases become homework to each person, especially among health care personal.

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