Friday, December 15, 2006


In Philipines Local nurses will no longer have difficulty accessing other countries within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations once a mutual recognition agreement on nursing services is signed in the forthcoming 12th Asean Summit in Cebu later this month.

The interest of Filipino nurses is among the top priority for discussion in the 12th Asean summit, as the Philippines pushes for the signing of the mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) that will make Asean member-countries recognize a nurse's license issued by his home country

Increasingly nurses are serving the in global community, widening the market for nursing services significantly. Nurses are now employed in various countries with different cultures and regulatory practices. This change in the traditional work setting is due to international agreements, like the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS) and the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS).

The Philippines has recognised the need to update regulatory laws relative to the professional practice so as to meet the demands for the domestic and international markets. Comprehensive and up-to-date information on regulatory laws of various countries is required in order for the Board of Nursing of the Philippines to respond adequately to the needs of Filipino and foreign nurses desiring to practice.

The Philippine Nurses Association, as the only accredited professional organisation in the country, has spearhead the research study described here, so as to assist so its membership in attaining better work conditions and legal protection.


Meanwhile Indonesian nurses among other ASEAN nurses, still searching identity to become professional nurses. INNA (Indonesian National Nurses Association) try to pursue increasing placement indonesian nurses number in overseas.

Until now almost 5000 indonesian nurses worked in overseas especially in middle east. And to prepare MRA 2015 - 2020, this become major issue and homework to make increasing number indonesian nurses ready to work in other ASEAN country. But other important things is Indonesian hospital must ready to higher "expatriat ASEAN nurses" especially from Philipines and Thailland - and more difficult for local nurses to search job in that time, in Indonesia.

Its reality in Free Trade Market Area, and supossed Nursing Faculty and other nursing study programme in Indonesia must make more Curiculum base on Job Market oriented

If we does'nt prepare this matter, we will see the Indonesian nurses more become backward even in our homeland.

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