Monday, March 26, 2007

How many type of nurses ?? maybe 100 - 1000

How Many Type of Nurses ?

The answer is 100 – 1000

For You Indonesian nurses students

As Indonesian nurses maybe the type of nurses is limited only nurses work in hospital, nurses in education college as teacher/lecturer, nurses in public health, or company. That’s why I'm so worry if so many students nursing in Indonesia (almost 35.000 indonesian diploma nurses and bachelor of nurses (BSN) graduated every years) still reluctant to search a job. Actually so many type nurses to great a job opportunity, and its possible to develop in Indonesia or u can get in in overseas.

You can work in clinical area as : Hospital Nurses , Office Nurses, Nursing Home Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses (RNs), Home Health Nurses, Occupational Health Nurses (Industrial Nurses), Head Nurses or Nurse Supervisors

Clik more in

As we know to much new specialist in nurses, you can be hyperbaric nurses, forensic nurses, virtual nurses, parish nurses, urologic nurses, education nurses, legal nurses consultant, medical assistant, travel nurses, volunteer nurses, nurses practitioner, infection control nurses, nursepreneur, or even blogger nurses.

Or even cosmetic nurse specialists, nurse acupuncturists, nurse attorneys, nurse care managers, nurse case managers, nurse coaches, nurse consultants, nurse counselor, nurse educators, nurse disease managers, nurse expert witnesses, nurse life care planners, nurse medical bill auditors, nurse medical coders, nurse medical researchers, nurse midwives, nurse paralegals, nurse patient advocates, nurse qualified rehabilitation consultants, nurse rehabilitation consultants, nurse risk managers, nurse speakers, nurse specialists, nurse trainers, nurse wound care specialists, nurse writers, nurses in alternative medicine, community health nurses, forensic nurses, immunization nurses, legal nurse consultants (LNC), legal nurse consulting, psychiatric nurses, sexual assault nurses, sports nutrition nurses, utilization review nurses.

Many my college Indonesian nurses here in Kuwait ( I thing same as many Indonesian nurses now working in overseas), have optimism as a nurse. If you will just open your mind as a nurses in Indonesia.

So WHAT ? Just open your mind guys

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