Wednesday, December 03, 2008

RULES For Money and Mind Management

19 RULES for Money and Mind Management

1. Be humble and admit mistakes

2. Never let emotions control you

3. Avoid stock tips

4. Never take home a loser

5. Open trades on the anticipations of news;offset positions on what actually happens

6. Define the strategy, and match the discipline to it.

7. Allow for more heat

8. Exclude your commission costs from your exit criteria

9. Never your let confidence exceed your skill

10. Know thy tax law

11. Contemplate before your speculate

12. Lose the labels

13. Learn to pace your self

14. Follow your instincs

15. Find your own game or recipe for success

16. Learn to lose

17. Make trading habit

18. Never let your attitude suffer

19. The Market always right

from : Rules of the trade, david S.Nassar

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