Thursday, February 26, 2009

Prediksi saham besok 27 Februari 2009

Prediksi Saham Besok 27-2-2009, BUMI GC kedua dan cup handle


Dow Future + 104 ( 20.45 WIB )as Stocks signal higher open as investors get some answers about global banking industry.


IHSG : if break 1,280 as minor support IHSG will go to 1,260 in short term, but if dow up, IHSG will rebound to 1,300.

BBRI : Break 4,000 with high volume, will go to 3700-3750 in short term. Strong buy if rebound.
INDF : Very oversold, Buyer begin pressure seller, Today INDF made Doji star. Bullish confirmation if tommorow close at 920. Buy
ELTY : Correction and back to cup and handle pattern, buy if fall below 75 or buy if break and close at 85.
ANTM : Will consolidate at 1,160-1,200 before up to 1,260 or down to 1,100.
AALI : Correction and break 13,000 with medium volume trade. Sell on strength.
BBCA : Hit our target and now pullback to 2,400. Bullish sign, Buy.
LSIP : Stochastic 60, RSI 54. Must break 3,500 before go to 3,600.
ASII : Must break 11,450 or will correction to 10,750. Stochastic 77, RSI 50.
TLKM : Down with low volume, TLKM will test 6,250 and will back to 6,500 in short term.
TINS : Break 1,060 will go to 1,030-1,040 if dow fall tonight.
PGAS : strong support at 1,925. Oversold. If break 1,925 will go to 1,800.
UNSP : Cool stock, Buy at 300-310 and sell at 330-340.
INCO : Strong buy if hit 2,000 as strong support. Oversold. Will test 2,150 resistance.
ITMG : If break 9,850 will go to 10,050 in short term. Good Fundamental.

WIKA : Will up to 300 as Hongkong's investor and continue to buybcak.
ASII : Stock Split plan, Good Financial Statement estimate. Will up to 13,000.
ISAT : CLSA TP 4,350
AALI : DBS Target Price for AALI just 7,575.

PTBA mau bagi deviden Rp. 300/saham

BUMI diminati asing kembali, TP Rp. 1000 dalam waktu dekat

dari : blog super tehnikal analisis

Perhatikan BUMI membentuk cup and handdle, peluang kuat utk mencapai Rp.850 minggu depan 

BUMI jelas membentuk Cup handdle

BUMI Golden cross antara MA 5 dan MA 50, sebelumnya telah GC MA 5 dan MA 20 seminggu lalu
Selamat hunting BUMI, gagal short gue heheheheheeh

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